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This guide will explain how to access/ upload your server files.

There are 2 methods for doing this:


Method 1:

Step 1.

Go to "File Management" here you can manage your servers files and upload plugins etc. Please note the maximum file size for web upload is set at 100mb, if your file is larger then please use method 2. 


Method 2

Step 1. 

Scroll down to "Configuration" on the drop-down select "SFTP Settings". 


Step 2.

With the provided SFTP credentials add these into your FTP program, we recommend using FileZilla. 

You can download and install FileZilla here:


Details about the fields on FileZilla:

Host - Connection Address

Username - Username generated for your SFTP

Password - Your panels password 


If you get stuck please reach out to our support team!

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