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This guide explains how to get started with your Minecraft server!


Step 1. 

Check your email for an email called "Snownode Panel Details". This email includes your server's information and login credentials. If it is not in your inbox check your spam/junk folders. 


Step 2.

You can login to your control panel at:   Once logged in go to the console and start your server, you will be required to accept the Eula. If a notice does not appear go to "Files" and open the "Eula.txt" file. Once you have read and agreed to the Eula change "False" to "True" and save the file. Go back to the console and start the server.


Step 3 . 

On your Minecraft Client, you can connect to your server using the IP and port you have been assigned. The format to use in Minecraft is IP:PORT. 


If you get stuck reach out to our support team!

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