Dedicated IP Address

Are you thinking about using a Dedicated IP? Let us tell you a little bit on how it could benefit your Minecraft server!

Using a Dedicated IP address can be helpful in many ways. This IP address is dedicated to your Minecraft server or network and you do not share it with anyone else. Your server will run on the port '25565,' which means you nor your players will need to use a port when connecting to your server. 

Using your own domain? A Dedicated IP will help! Without the use of a Dedicated IP, you will need to set up an SRV record. However, there are some Internet Service Providers that do not support the use of an SRV record, meaning some of your players could be at a loss when connecting. When you use a Dedicated IP, you can ensure that your players, as long as you set up an 'A' record, will be able to connect. 

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