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This guide assumes you have installed the Dynmap plugin onto your server. 

1. Restart your server. This will generate the necessary files for Dynmap.
2. Stop your server. 
3. Click on "Files" > "FTP File Access"
4. Go to "Plugins" > "dynmap"
5. Click "edit" on "configuration.txt". A text editior will appear.
6. Set the deftemplatesuffix option to "vlowres". (Please note that by creating large maps/HD maps you may risk breaking the Acceptable Usage Policy laid out here.)
7. Change the webserver-port listed in the config file to any four-digit port. It is around line 320*. You can use the first four characters of your server's port, or you can pick four random numbers. You must do this because the default port, 8123, is usually taken by someone else. Do not set a port lower than 1024, it will not work.

8. Click on the "Save" button. 
9. Click "Back to control Panel" button.
10. Click the "Start" button to start your Server.
11. Once the server is started, go to your console and type "dynmap fullrender [worldname]". Replace "[worldname]" with the name of the world that you want to render. Your default world is always called "world". This will begin to render your map. Your server will lag for a few minutes until the render is complete; this is normal.

12. View your server's IP address followed by the webserver port (the one you just set) into a browser. For example:

You have now successfully setup Dynmap on your server!

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