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This guide will take you through how to set up Bluemap. 


Step 1. 

Download Bluemap from spigot here:


Step 2.

Upload the downloaded jar to your plugins folder and restart your server. 


Step 3. 

Now that the required files have been generated, go to the Bluemap folder inside the plugins folder.  Edit the core.conf file.


Step 4. 

Now that we are editing the core.conf file you need to edit the following line: accept-download: false we need to change the "false" to "true". Save the config file and upload it to the server again.


Step 5. 

We are now going to be editing the webserver.conf file. Open this file and edit the following lines: 

- #ip: ""  ( Change this line to your server IP )

- port: 8100 ( Change this port to a random 4 digit port in the range of 8100 - 8300) 

Save the file and upload it to the server again.


Step 6.

Restart your server. Watch the server console for any errors. If you see in the console that the webserver has started you have successfully setup Bluemap! 


You can also look through Bluemaps wiki guide here:


If you get stuck reach out to our support team!

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